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Product dimensions: H: 160 mm. Ø: 300 mm. - 22 to 30 Roses

Take your declaration of love all the way with this handmade eye-catching, stylish luxury arrangement with real eternity roses. Artistically arranged in a soft, elegant, round rose box. This is the ultimate symbol of the romance and beauty we hold for each other.

Our roses will not wither in three years, which means that they will look exactly the same as when you just got them even three years later. They are truly a daily reminder of the beauty and love around us.

Perfect for all occasions such as wedding gifts, friendships, birthdays, sending flowers, Christmas, Mother's Day, corporate gifts Graduation, home decor and Valentine's Day

  • Roses last 3 years
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Roses grown at the foot of Cayambe Volcano

Our roses are grown in Ecuador at the foot of the Cayambe volcano, a few kilometers from the capital Quito. Cayambe is one of the best places in the world to grow fresh roses of the highest quality due to its high altitude (2850m) and direct exposure to the sun on the equator. This farm produces historically fresh roses of superior quality. We attach great importance to each rose being as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

How do we make it so that the roses have such a long shelf life

The preservation process captures the natural beauty of natural plants. Then they are cut at their most beautiful moments and then the roses are placed in a glycerol compound that moisturizes the petals and stem and replaces the plants' natural juice. When the process is complete, the results are preserved roses that can be used in a variety of applications. These flowers retain their natural beauty and vibrant colors as well as their soft flexible petals. You can expect your canned roses to last one to three years. Our roses are 100 percent natural.

With minimal care, you can enjoy your roses from A thousand roses for up to three years. This is one of the biggest benefits of our roses that do not need water, fertilizer or sunlight.
    Do not soak the roses in water. Remember that they are treated roses and that they must not be exposed to any water.
  • Do not place the roses where they come in direct contact with the sun, such as the window frame.
  • Avoid placing the roses in places where there is a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Varför ska ni välja oss?

Med härkomst från ecuador

Våra rosor odlas i Ecuador, några kilometer från huvudstaden Quito. Den här gården producerar historiskt färska rosor av överlägsen kvalitet. Vi lägger en stor vikt på att varje ros ska vara så estetiskt fin som möjligt.

Rosor med en längre hållbarhet



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